Sunday, April 17, 2016

Local Lec around Empire State Building is TWC sattelite view is beautiful, thousands of carriers on Manhattan

So after building with Google Maps API V3 we knew there was a sattelite view, but we didn't really mess with it all that much in the construction process and testing of the site. It was just a nice feature there. After doing some recent test searches and completing most of the site I figured I would give it a try. The results really make you even more in tune with what Internet is available and what the lay of the land is.

I found it pretty interesting that it looks like TWC has most of the rights from our data to the Empire State Building. You can see their turquoise marker sits square in the middle of the building. XO and many others are near by so I am sure they don't have any problems delivering services as a CLEC.

Take a look below at these stunning images. Also we find it interesting to note that there are literally thousands of carriers packed into that little sliver of land called Manhattan between the Hudson and East River.

Pretty impressive results from a forward facing tool for commercial use that is free!

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