Monday, June 6, 2016

Fiber maps added to Building Lit (

BuildingLit ( has made some phenomenal strides in the last month. We have added fiber maps nationwide and you can literally see down to the most finite detail!
XO Communications in San Jose data centers lit up with descriptions of which data center.

Looking closer.. shows underground. Manhole access with multiple fiber strands in the road.
Zooming out your can see more of the fiber map.
Zooming all the way out you can see fiber path for entire nation.
Using toggle switch for fiber you can switch to different carriers we have added.

Switching to Integra we can see their west coast foot print.

Interesting even shows under water fiber up west coast.

We did not realize Wilcon was so densely populated through SoCal and Los Angeles until mapping their fiber.
Nice honeycomb of fiber for Light Tower in NYC and Manhattan area. Info window on click shows details information on strands available.

Fiber tech is also fairly densely populated on East Coast.

 These maps can be used to better understand geographic redundancy for fiber connectivity, route diversity and data center planning. For assistance with a fiber expert please reach out to us at

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