Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Virtually see the fiber in the ground!?

This has to be one of the coolest by products of building on the Google platform our On Net Carrier list and data center list.

While it could still use some tweaking we wanted to share it with you all as it is pretty incredible.

You can easily look from the street view and see what providers are literally in your building like you are walking down the street and looking at the fiber.

To start do a search to where you want to view Internet Providers. Once the results are in select the yellow "pegman" from the map UI controls and drag him onto the street. You may have seen him before but not known what he was used for.

On your search results the streets will light up blue when you are dragging the pegman. Also an info window will pop open showing a view of the street and the pegmans orientation. Let go to drop him and begin street view. It doesn't need to be exactly where you are looking because you can move him around effectively.

Our first view looks to be like a garage of some kind. Let's move around to the front of the building. Follow the google arrows to and hold down right click to move your head around to orient yourself. Click on arrows to move forward and screens that follow the walls.

As we move we can see the markers changing size and can visually see these carriers are actually inside this building. Hovering over them shows who they are!

Coming soon we will be able to see the polyline in the ground and Virtual Reality with Street view will most likely be available by our API so you could virtually look around and see the fiber in the ground! This is way to cool!

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